Anne Arundel County Back to School Program needs volunteers on stand by to pick up backpacks and school supplies from the School Board to deliver to schools across the county, but especially in Annapolis.

Contact Tanya Steele tanya.steele@maryland.gov preferred or call 410-269-4461.


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Give us you feedback! Be a star!

The Volunteer Center is in the process of updating many media feeds and we need your input!  Please tell us how the The Volunteer Center for Anne Arundel County helped you.  We would love to hear about the people you met, places you went and the great work you did in the community.  The Volunteer Center for Anne Arundel County helps to connect people and partners and we need to hear your feedback.

Please leave comments or email: Nicki@volunteerannearundle.org

We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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Low-Income Families Can Get Up to 6 Months of Complimentary Internet Service


Make sure your child is prepared to succeed in the 2014-2015 school year with home Internet. Give them the tools to complete homework, email teachers, and stay connected. Your family may qualify for up to 6 months of complimentary Internet service by applying to Internet Essentials, the low-cost, $9.95 a month + tax, Internet service from Comcast before September 20, 2014.

Families eligible for the program include those with at least one child eligible to participate in the National School Lunch Program.  Once in the Internet Essentials program, participants receive fast, affordable Internet service for $9.95 a month + tax, the option to purchase a computer for just $150 and access to free digital literacy training.

Comcast is also offering an amnesty program for certain low-income families who could qualify for Internet Essentials, but have a past due balance. Comcast customers who have an outstanding bill that is more than one year old are now eligible for the program. Comcast will offer amnesty for that debt for the purpose of connecting to Internet Essentials, so long as the customer meets all the other eligibility criteria.

Call 1-855-339-6124 or visit Apply.InternetEssentials.com/event/bts/2014

before September 20, 2014, to see if you qualify and to apply.

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Win $5000!!!


Cabot @ Jonas

The Farmers’ Gratitude Grille served lunch to the volunteers during the Jonas Green Park clean up on June 11th.

In June,the Volunteer Center, AA County Department of Recreation and Parks and Cabot Creamery Coop partnered during their 2014 Community Tour from Florida to Vermont.  As their commitment to communities, Cabot Creamery Coop, are sharing a program that could benefit the Volunteer Center or and YOU! Submit a recipe that includes one of the three cheeses from the Farmers’ Legacy collection and you could win $5000 for you and $5000 for the Volunteer Center.

Follow this link to enter your recipe by September 5th!

Win $5000!

Win $5000!


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#GoDo in Anne Arundel County, MD


Friends of AA County Trails member Elizabeth Wyble explains the volunteer project Anne Arundel Community College students will be completing.

Student leaders from Anne Arundel Community College #GoDo at Babbington Green in, Odenton, Maryland.  The group of 14 students were lead by Friends of AA County Trails member Elizabeth Wyble for a morning of weeding, mulching and sprucing up.  This project was initiated by the AACC office of Student Life and Service Learning.  Way to #GoDo!

AACC Students #GoDo


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Join Hundreds and #GoDo with All For Good

Join Hundreds who are doing great things in our community! All for Good is giving you an opportunity to be a WINNER! Show All for Good how individuals or organizations #GoDo in their communities throughout Anne Arundel County.  Take a picture of you, your friends, family, coworkers or teammates in the action of volunteering. Post your photo with the hashtag #GoDo on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter by August 31st.  You could win a free tote bag from All For Good.

Tell us what you are doing in the photo and how The Volunteer Center helped you find your volunteer opportunity or how your organization benefited from the partnership with The Volunteer Center.

Let’s #GoDo!!!!

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2014 Hurricane Season Predictions and Preparation

huricane prepHurricane season is upon us. Are you prepared for natural disasters like hurricanes, tornadoes and wildfires? More than 85% of Americans aren’t. 

Residents of coastal areas will be relieved to hear that top forecasters from Colorado State University predict another quiet hurricane season in 2014, suggesting that nine tropical storms will form, but only 3 will become hurricanes. The first named storms of the Atlantic hurricane season will be Arthur, Bertha, Cristobal, Dolly and Edouard.

Colorado State’s team predicts a 35% chance of a major hurricane making landfall on U.S. Coast. In the East Coast, including Florida, the chance is only 20%, and only 19% for the Gulf Coast.

But don’t put away your hurricane emergency stockpile just yet! This year’s forecast follows two consecutive years of unsuccessful predictions. Last year, only two of the nine predicted hurricanes ended up forming, and in 2012, the number of hurricanes doubled how many were predicted.

Hurricane Preparedness Plan and Hurricane Preparedness Checklist

Some basic questions you need to ask yourself as you begin to prepare for a hurricane are:

If you plan on taking the “hunker down” approach to hurricane preparedness, you’ll need enough food, water and supplies to last you and your family at bare minimum, for 72 hours. Let me repeat, this is a minimum amount of supplies. I’d plan for longer. After Hurricane Ike, there were some parts of the Houston area that were without power for up to three weeks (more in some places). Watch this video for a look at what you’ll need.

Fema has a great recommended supplies list on their website. They stress the following to ensure disaster preparedness in the event of any contingency:

  • Build a kit: get all of your survival gear together.
  • Make a plan: know where to go and when to go.
  • Be informed: know you’re risk and follow developments.
  • Get involved: be active in your and your community’s disaster preparedness

Ensure that you and your family are prepared, and avoid making one of our 5 deadliest hurricane mistakes. Get all of the hurricane information you can to ensure that you will be staying safe during a hurricane. For more up to date information on hurricane preparedness, visit our Hurricane Faq page, and learn about other hurricane dangers in Hurricane Spawned Tornadoes.

Also, be sure to check Fema’s community and state information site for local updates and alerts.

 For more information visit the National Hurricane Center’s website


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