How to Set the Foundation for a Successful Year

GivingTuesday was great and the end of the year donations came in pretty steady so now

Online Giving

Online Giving

your nonprofit organization is beginning to move through 2015.  We already have one month almost down!  How is your organization building it’s foundation?  Are you focusing on strengthening your fundraising message or investing in your volunteer coordination and retention?

What about these 24 hour, 48 hour fundraising events that sneak up on you and a few weeks before the big day your organization is scrambling around trying to scream your message the loudest.  Do you wantCOVAAC Workshop January 2015 to learn how to gear up for an effective and successful fundraising campaign?  COVAAC and Center for Learning Through Service at AACC has a workshop that will help you get focused on the important aspects of online giving.   This FREE workshop is offered January 29th 11:30am at AACC in the  CADE building Room 219.  RSVP to Evette Watson by Monday, January 26, 2015 via e-mail at please place “COVAAC Workshop” in the subject line.

Volunteers are most likely the backbone of your organization.  Without volunteers many of the projects, tasks and events wouldn’t happen.  So how much time are you investing on creating a sustainable volunteer program?  In the  publication,  A Guide to Investing in Volunteer Resources Management: Improve Your Philanthropic Portfolio, they state, volunteers augment an organization’s financial and in-kind resources, producing greater value for each dollar invested”.  This collaborative publication written in by the UPS Foundation,  Association for Volunteer Administration and the Points of Light Foundation looks into the importance of effective volunteer management.

It is time to start investing in your volunteers and AACVC can help!  Executive Director Fay Mauro will be sharing her knowledge and experience with volunteer management in two very useful courses offered at Anne Arundel Community College in Arnold.  The two Volunteer Coordinationcourses are: Planning a Volunteer Program offered February 24th 6pm-9:30pm and  Recruiting & Placing Volunteer offered March 10 6pm – 9:30pm.

You will learn the steps to create, maintain and improve a volunteer program.  As an added benefit, AACVC will reimburse the course fee for any of our Premier Partners up to the cost of the Premier Partnership payment.  Questions about signing up? Please contact Fay Mauro at the Volunteer Center, 410-897-9207 or email

Make 2015 the year of investing in volunteers.  The returns will payoff and your organization will be stronger for it.


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AACVC – What We Do For Your Community

As the Volunteer Center reflects 0n 2014, we want to share some of our accomplishments, but first…

We are excited to announce our new name and new logo…Anne Arundel County AACVC LogoVolunteer Center or AACVC.  We made this change with the awareness that our previous name was just too long to type.  So instead of trying to remember our name, you can focus on the task-at-hand, volunteering and your mission!  You only have to remember 5 letters — AACVC!  We want you to Tweet, Facebook and Instagram #AACVC during your volunteer service, events or projects!  What are you waiting for?  Follow and share #AACVC right now…go to and click on the social media links.

Now, here is a recap of 2014

  • 4000+ volunteers helped our partner community organizations.
  • New “Spotlight program” for the Military and their families introducing volunteering as a great way to transition to the community, increase social and professional
    Fort Meade Spotlight on the Military

    Fort Meade Spotlight on the Military

    connections, and gain new skills and experience.

  • AACVC organized seven Days of Service to mobilize hundreds of volunteers of all ages and abilities to make a real difference in Anne Arundel County.
  • Strengthened nonprofits with training, and consulting to better use skilled volunteers so that the nonprofits can concentrate on their missions.
  • AACVC staff so believe in our nonprofits that they volunteered with some of our partner agencies to solve hardware, software and other “back-office” problems.
  • AACVC encouraged and engaged youth in Anne Arundel County to serve and learn while applying their time and talents in our community.
  • AACVC “Notes in Coats” project collected more than 200 coats to keep men, women and children throughout the County warm this winter.

AACVC is razor focused on supporting our partners to meet their volunteer needs.  We focus on the volunteers so our partners can stay focused on their mission.  All partners benefit from the large reach that AACVC has in the county, but there are added benefits for our Premier Partners.

Another priority for AACVC is to motivate students throughout the county to serve in their communities.  AACVC actively recruits students from middle schools, high schools

Congress Woman Donna Edwards and President of AACVC, Bruce Morgenstern at Annapolis High School during the Congresswomen's College Fair.

Congresswoman Donna Edwards and the President of AACVC, Bruce Morgenstern at Annapolis High School during the Congresswoman’s       College & Career Fair.

and colleges by visiting their schools, attending outreach fairs and offering a student focused webpage on the AACVC website.

AACVC helps people to see volunteering as an opportunity to learn new skills, to network and to take a leadership role in their community.  According to the Corporation for National and Community Service “volunteering is associated with an increased likelihood of finding employment for all volunteers regardless of a person’s gender, age, ethnicity, geographical area, or the job market conditions.” In essence, volunteering is a pathway to employment (source).

We are thankful to have your active support this year by volunteering, fundraising and raising awareness for AACVC.  For one last chance to donate to AACVC, please click here and your donation will go toward one of the many programs AACVC offers the community of Anne Arundel County!

Happy New Year!!!



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Empire Beauty School Gives Back

beauty school

We would like to give a special thanks to Arundel Lodge for allowing us to share this very special story.  This is a perfect collaboration between the for and not for profit worlds.  Here they share their experience with us. We would love to hear about your collaborations or past experiences here at AAVC .

In April, one of our Residential Program managers asked us for help.

There was a resident in the MICA Program who needed a haircut, but could not afford one. This was also no ordinary haircut. “Sally” lives with severe depression and often stays in bed for days or even weeks at a time. As a result, her long hair had become tangled and matted. Our Development team got to work.


Arundel Lodge reached out to Staci Wyatt, Executive Director of Empire Beauty School in Glen Burnie. Staci eagerly agreed to help. Not only did she agree to work with “Sally,” but she invited Arundel Lodge to bring several residents to receive haircuts, manicures, shaves…the works. These visits have now become a monthly ritual. Empire Beauty School wrote about it in their Newsletter:

 “As part of the Empire Gives Back initiative, Arundel Lodge clients received complimentary services designed not only to provide basic needs, but also a lift in confidence as they work toward self-sufficiency.”

 “The students have taken this monthly visit to heart,” says Staci Wyatt, Executive Director at the Glen Burnie School. “The clients are overwhelmed to have someone just take time to care of them and the confidence they feel walking out our doors is immeasurable…”

 “Many of the Clients are shy of visiting the school, embarrassed with how they look. But if you can imagine how amazing they feel when they look at themselves in the mirror just after a basic wash, cut and blow-dry,” says Wyatt, “It brings them to tears as it does us.”


When asked about the benefits her students gained from our partnership, Staci explained, “Our students got a chance to give back. They need to learn the power of this industry. When someone does not have access to basic beauty and health needs and education, it is surprising to our future professionals. This was an amazing wake-up call for some of them. The students had no clue that mental health could affect a person’s physical health as much as it did some individuals’. This was an incredible eye opener for students [and it made for a] wonderful learning experience…I want to thank you for thinking of us and giving Empire the chance to learn from [Arundel Lodge] and your members.”

Arundel Lodge also asked a few Empire students how they felt about their experience. Tiffany, soon to be graduating from the program shared that, “It was neat to work with [Arundel Lodge] members. They are very open and like to communicate. It made me feel good that the client liked his haircut. He emphasized getting his hair shampooed, so I made sure I did that real good.” Lameka, an outgoing stylist, who clients seem to love, expressed that, “It was really nice just getting a chance to learn about [the client]. He was really funny and it felt good helping out even though it was just a haircut.”

The students and staff at Empire welcomed our persons served with open arms, making them feel comfortable and relaxed. We extend a warm thank you to Staci Wyatt and all of the Glen Burnie Empire Beauty School


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Maryland Unites:Day of Service


Governor Hogan recently announced “Maryland Unites: Day of Service,” which includes the opportunity for state employees to offer their time and talents to benefit Maryland citizens through community service.

As part of the day of service, state employees will receive up to four hours of paid leave to participate in a volunteer activity on one of the following Wednesdays: June 17, July 1, July 29, or August 12.

What a great opportunity for you to engage state government employees with your agency!

If you can use volunteers on any of these dates, the Volunteer Center will include your organization in press releases publicizing the day of service initiative in Anne Arundel County.

For our premier partners, we will also put your service opportunities up on our website’s opportunity calendar, which is seen by more than 2000 potential volunteers each month.

Please send your volunteer opportunity information to Bill Crabbs, as soon as possible.

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Non Profit Forum Presented by Congresswoman Donna Edwards


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National Volunteer Week: Carol Newman’s Story

Carol Newman volunteers her time with Success In Style and this is her story.


I worked with a client this past summer at Success In Style’s Glen Burnie location. After helping him to select two suits, two shirts, several ties and a pair of shoes he was ready for any interview setting. As he was leaving he asked when he had to return the clothing. Whenever I think about the smile on his face when I told him it was his to keep, I know why this organization is so important. “Providing suits. Changing Lives.”

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National Volunteer Week: Zora Lathan’s Story

Zora Lathan volunteers with the Chesapeake Ecology Center


Zora Lathan is a life-long naturalist.  She is director of the non-profit Chesapeake Ecology Center (CEC) and a former director of the community greening program at the National Audubon Society. Zora has taught hundreds of schoolchildren how to plant rainscaping gardens all over Annapolis.

In 2002, Zora Lathan spearheaded the formation of the CEC, an outdoor environmental education center.  Through Zora’s leadership, the CEC has developed 24 Native Plant Demonstration Gardens and Groves on 10 acres along the tidal headwaters of College Creek at J. Albert Adams Academy (the alternative middle school for Anne Arundel County) at Adams Park in Annapolis, where the CEC is based.  She also provides technical assistance to a variety of groups at various locations.

In the Town of Highland Beach, where Zora lives, she was instrumental—along with her husband Dr. William Sanders, Mayor of Highland Beach—in the creation of a new “Green” Highland Beach Town Hall, which has the distinction of being the second LEED Platinum Green Building in Maryland. Zora designed the gardens in Highland Beach and worked with her husband to secure grant money for both the gardens and the green buildings project.

Zora uses collaborative partnerships to support CEC educational and restoration activities. For instance, Anne Arundel County Master Gardeners have partnered with the CEC for more than a decade. Their half-acre Master Gardener Shade Garden restoration at CEC has been ongoing since 2005 with the help of countless volunteers. Not only have invasive species and copious amounts of trash been removed, volunteers have planted numerous native trees and shrubs and installed two rain gardens. On October 18, 2014, the CEC celebrated the Dedication of the Master Gardener Shade Garden and in November 2014 CEC and the Master Gardeners were honored to receive the 2014 Eco-Star Award at the Volunteer Project Hall of Fame sponsored by the Anne Arundel County Volunteer Center and the Coordinators of Volunteers of Anne Arundel County.

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National Volunteer Week: Isabella Allen’s Story

Isabella Allen started a project at her local school based off of an idea found on the website.

isabella allen


My name is Isabella Allen and I am 12 years old. Last year, I ran a Jeans for Teens drive at Crofton Middle school. I collected Jeans, that were donated to Homeless Teens in Anne Arundel County. I collected 144 pairs of Jeans! It felt really good to help other kids like me who are not as fortunate. I enjoyed the leadership skills I learned while running this campaign on my own. I made posters, made daily announcements to remind students to donate, collected and distributed the jeans. I hope that I have inspired other teens like myself to do good things!

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National Volunteer Week: Glass Family Story

The Glass family volunteer with Winter Relief through Cape St. Claire United Methodist Church

Glass Family

Twice a year, my church signs up to house the homeless for Winter Relief. One week we pair with another local church, and one week we do it ourselves. It is the most rewarding, and humbling, experience I have ever had. We just finished a week in November, and we are gearing up for our second week starting on Martin Luther King Jr. day. I have prepared and served meals, sat and enjoyed fellowship with the guests (they are our “guests”), hosted many nights as a volunteer to help with anything they need from getting their medicine, to getting supplies, to asking for donations for clothing they don’t have, played games, watched tv, and many other activities with them.

They love that we sit down and eat a meal with them. I have received so many compliments on how well they are treated when they come to us, how much we make it feel like a home and not a shelter, and how welcoming we are. In November, one lady told me she wished she could stay at our facility until April when the program was over because we really made them feel at home.

It’s very scary the first time you do it, but then you talk to them and see how much they appreciate you and it makes it all worthwhile. My kids do it with my husband and I. We serve as a family. The kids enjoy it as much as I do and they really bond with the guests and get to know them and their stories. The guests tell them their stories and tell them what NOT to do to ensure they don’t get into the same situation. My youngest, who is 10, has really connected with some and begs me to take her daily to see them.

One night we were volunteering at my daughter’s school when I got a call from a friend, who is an EMT. She said she heard an ambulance was heading to my church and knew we were housing the Winter Relief program. We left and went right to the church and one of our guests was experiencing chest pain. We sat with him until the ambulance got there and he asked me if I came just to be with him. I told him “of course!”. I got a call from a friend and had to come up to see if everyone was ok. They are amazed at our generosity and it’s just as rewarding for me to be there as it is for them to have a place to go. And I love that my children are involved and see how nice it is to serve others.

I am looking forward to this next week that we are involved and have already signed up for 3 separate days to help! Thank you for reading!

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